Like people, vehicles have a language of their own when they're in trouble. If your car begins experiencing engine issues, listen closely. There are plenty of ways to tell when it's time to have your engine undergo a thorough inspection.

Here are a few audible signals to keep your ears tuned to, so you know when your vehicle's engine needs to get serviced at Bozard Lincoln.


If you start to hear high-pitched hissing sounds coming from your engine, that's a warning you'll want to respect. Your engine may be overheated, or it may have a vacuum leak. Either way, you'll want to take your car to our dealership.


A popping noise can have various causes. From a loose engine belt slapping adjacent parts to a fuel injector leak, it's hard to tell right away. Be sure to receive expert analysis by visiting your Bozard Lincoln service center.


The seriousness of this issue depends on timing. If squealing occurs when you hit the brakes, then you may have worn brake pads or another brake-related issue. However, more consistent squealing could hint at other problems that require car service.


When it arises from your car's engine, knocking is something you should never ignore. An ignition issue is often the culprit because improper combustion has occurred. Do not take any chances. Head over to Bozard Lincoln to have our team take a closer look.


Grinding often reveals parts are rubbing against each other. It can happen when you hit the brakes or employ your transmissions system. Regardless, damage can follow grinding if you don't take your vehicle to your dealer as soon as possible.

Take Care of Engine Issues at Your Lincoln Dealer Near Jacksonville

The engine is one of the most crucial components of your vehicle, so you need to treat it with sensitivity and care. If something sounds off, don't hesitate. Take your car to Bozard Lincoln and let our service professionals restore your engine to peak form.

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