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Get winter driving down cold: Safety tips for Christmas-time travel

The weather is pretty moderate here in Florida most of the year, but around the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, you could be heading to parts of the country with significant challenges on the road. At Bozard Lincoln in Saint Augustine, FL, we want to do all we can to help you and your family reach your holiday destinations safely, surrounded by the real peace and joy of the season. In that spirit, here are some tips we hope will be helpful.

Give your vehicle a pre-travel checkup

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5 Engine Noises That Signal It's Time to Take Your Car to Bozard Lincoln

Like people, vehicles have a language of their own when they're in trouble. If your car begins experiencing engine issues, listen closely. There are plenty of ways to tell when it's time to have your engine undergo a thorough inspection.

Here are a few audible signals to keep your ears tuned to, so you know when your vehicle's engine needs to get serviced at Bozard Lincoln.


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