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Handle Your Lease with Ease at Bozard Lincoln

Leasing is a great financial choice for a range of customers. Whether you live in downtown Jacksonville or need a beautiful ride for special occasions, this could be a beneficial financial plan for you. While leasing has been around forever, we know that customers sometimes have a few questions about the process. So, our professionals at Bozard Lincoln want to walk you through just what leasing your next Lincoln means.

The Difference of Leasing

Many customers choose to finance their new Lincoln. This process is very different from standard leasing agreements. When you choose to lease your next car or SUV, you are more so paying for it as your drive. Leasing agreements come with monthly mileage limits, which is another large difference between this and financing. That is why this is a great financial plan for those who do not drive as much as the frequent commuter.

The Benefits of Choosing to Lease Your New Lincoln

There are many benefits to choosing to lease your new Lincoln. These advantages will show through your wallet and peace of mind, making this financial process a great choice. We want our customers to feel as confident as possible with their decision. So, here are some of the highlights of choosing to lease over finance.

Lower Monthly Payments

The first thing you will see is lower monthly payments. This is due to the pay-as-you-drive aspect of standard leasing agreements. Because you are not paying the full price of your new SUV, you will see a significantly lower monthly cost. This makes driving one of these luxury vehicles through Daytona Beach much easier to fit into your budget.

Upgrading More Often

For those that love to stay on the cutting-edge of automotive innovation, leasing may be the right path for you. Standard leasing agreements come with much shorter terms. That means you will have the ability to upgrade to a newer model more frequently. Customers can enjoy modern technology or performance through the leasing process.

Less Responsibility for Maintenance

Another great perk of this financial choice is less responsibility for maintenance and repair. You will be driving this model for a shorter amount of time, which means you run into less wear and tear. Some dealerships will even service your vehicle with added specials because the model is returning to their lot when your lease is through.

Answering Some Frequently Asked Leasing Questions

There are always questions to be had about the leasing process. Our professionals know this and want to get ahead by answering some right here. If we don't cover the information you are looking for, feel free to contact one of our helpful representatives right away.

Are there Mileage Options?

Yes! We offer a range of comprehensive mileage options. Whether you are only driving this luxurious ride on special trips to Palm Coast or if you need it more regularly, we should have the mileage option to meet those needs. Our team works hard to make you a leasing agreement that takes care of you.

What do I do After the Lease is Over?

There are many options to choose from when ending your lease. You can simply continue the same deal if you are a fan of your current model. Palatka customers can upgrade to the new model year and start a new lease. If you really have loved driving your current leased Lincoln, you can even buy it and take it home. Our team will help you through any of these possibilities with ease.

Let Us Take Care of Your Lease Today

If you are looking to save money and drive a luxurious SUV at the same time, we are the dealership to choose. At Bozard Lincoln in St. Augustine, our team is ready to walk you through the leasing process so that you feel more than comfortable with your purchase. We look forward to working with you soon!