Find a High-Quality Used Vehicle in the Used Inventory at Bozard Lincoln

If you're searching for a used car, more than likely, you're looking for something safe, dependable, and comfortable to drive. Those are typically the primary factors for used car buyers in St Augustine, FL. And for you to have the best opportunity to find a used car with those qualities, you need an inventory that has a wide variety of high-quality choices. That's what you'll find at Bozard Lincoln. In addition to finding a great selection of Lincoln models, our used car inventory includes a wide assortment of popular brands known for providing drivers with enjoyable and safe transportation.

Why Buy a Used Vehicle?

There are many benefits to buying a used car rather than one that is brand-new. Take a look at the reasons below and see if you agree that the benefits are worth considering a used Lincoln, Ford, or any other fine choices available in our inventory near Palatka, FL.

Broader Inventory for Finding a Unique Match

With a used car inventory, you have an advantage with broader choices. Unlike when you're searching for a new car,  you're not limited to a line-up that is exclusive to one brand. It could be that you've already seen a car that you love. Whether that's a Lincoln that you've seen on the road in Jacksonville, FL, or around Daytona Beach, FL, or any other brand that you have your eyes on, you have a better opportunity to find something that you can enjoy the most. You can also find one that's unique to your expectations. You may even decide to choose a vehicle that you've never considered before. That is very common with many used car buyers. It's exciting and makes your choice much more thrilling to drive for many years to come.

Affordable and Creative Opportunities

One of the primary reasons why so many buyers choose a used car is because of a better chance of having affordable monthly payments. You can stay within a reasonable budget at our finance center. Used car buyers often can craft a sale to their advantage by making a sizable down payment, along with getting a good value for their trade-in. Do you have a trade? You can get an idea about the value of your trade-in by using our trade valuation tool. Enter the requested information, and within minutes, you're provided a conditional valuation of your trade. Are you interested in getting pre-approved? Knowing how much you may qualify for can help get a head start crafting a budget that works for you. Use our online credit application for a decision within minutes. Don't overextend yourself with a monthly payment that may be a stretch for you financially!

Lower Ownership Costs

When it comes to a used car, you have a far better chance of having lower costs of ownership. Typically, used car buyers can get insurance rates that are substantially lower than a new car. And while your rates are dependent upon your specific driving history, insurance companies rely on the data that it will cost in the event of a total loss. That is something you can use to your advantage. Often, you can contact your insurance company in advance to determine what the rates may be for your used car choice so that you're not surprised and can budget accordingly.

Additionally, your maintenance costs are lower. The post-factory maintenance is typically already completed by the original owner. Thus, your maintenance expenses are greatly reduced throughout your ownership. Who knows, you may even find a one-owner vehicle in our inventory. That's a bonus on top of the other outstanding cost-saving benefits! Schedule a service appointment today near Palm Coast, FL.

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